Structural Shoring

Structural shoring and bracing is typically the temporary support of structures during construction, demolition, and reconstruction during building renovations including but not limited to: historical infrastructures, warehouses, tanks, sewers, etc. We work in conjunction with a team of engineers to ensure that our work is safe in order to protect the structure and surrounding structures from collapsing. We have experience installing various systems including: Tower System, Needle Nose System, H-Framing Systems, etc.

AE Steel Construction, LLC is recognized for our exceptional customer service and attention to detail in our projects. First, we include an in-depth evaluation of your project and indicate which shoring system is needed for your project. We work in conjunction with a team of engineers to develop and install a safe cost-efficient shoring system using the proper equipment while adhering to OSHA safety techniques to meet your project needs.

When your inspecting your building, look out for the following warning signs that may indicate there may be structural issues.

Warning signs:

If you need to support the structure of the building for demolition purposes and/or have any of the following warning signs, contact us to discuss your commercial structural shoring project in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas including the southeast states.